January 4, 2017 TIM KEENAN

2021-08-19 | 21:39:34

"Pit Martin represented me when a car hit me on my Motorcycle. He did a great job going after 2 insurance companies, and got me policy limits of $150,000. I highly recommend him."
December 29, 2016 Claire Tsaphan

2021-08-19 | 21:39:30

"Pitt Martin is a very through, competent lawyer who always keeps his clients in mind. Pitt would not hesitate to call and keep me informed. He is a good lawyer and is very passionately aggressive when it comes to his business for his clients. Mr. Martin got the insurance to pay even after that denied."
November 22, 2016 J Maldonado

2021-08-19 | 21:39:28

"Having Pit in my corner during my divorce has made all the difference in the world. He helped make a difficult situation easier to deal with by his compassionate and knowledgeable advice and counsel. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal advice. Thank you Pit for all your hard work. I definitely appreciate it!"
October 29, 2016 Stephanie Adame

2021-08-19 | 21:39:25

"Pit takes the time to get to know his clients & uses this knowledge for the best outcome of your case. There were plenty of times I found myself in tears during my divorce & he never failed to provide the support and guidance necessary to keep moving forward. Pit is no doubt the best attorney that I could ever recommend."
October 26, 2016 Julie Good

2021-08-19 | 21:39:22

"Pit Martin made my divorce experience less painful. Not only was Pit interested in my legal needs, he was also concerned about my success as an individual. Pit did not try to push me onto any specific path, but he listened to what I wanted. Pit provided guidance and together we designed a plan to achieve my personal and financial goals. I highly recommend Pit to anyone who is interested in honest, straight forward legal representation with a high degree of integrity."
October 24, 2016 Sara Pittser

2021-08-19 | 21:39:21

"Pit and his staff were very friendly. Pit won my case without charging me unnecessary fees and gave me great advice along the way."