August 11, 2021 Russ Parker

2021-08-19 | 21:46:29

"Mr. Martin helped me with a legal matter and at all times seemed concerned and acted in an exceptionally professional manner. His breadth of legal experience worked well for the outcome of my case"
June 2, 2021 Robert Kuhns

2021-08-19 | 21:46:08

"I recommend J.C.Pitt Martin & Staff, As They All treat you like Family Through your case and be there for you. Wonderful people I have met Through my case. They also, check to see how your doing if they don't hear from you in there calls. Very helpful if you have a Question about your case ,if you don't understand some legal papers, they explain for you to know what it means. Very Professional, I'm glad I was Referred to This Office. A warm Family Welcome when I first met Pitt & Staff."
April 18, 2021 john rork

2021-08-19 | 21:46:05

March 13, 2021 Teresa Gallegos

"Pit and his team came highly recommended as a referral. Hands down Pit and his Team are very professional, responsive and with out a doubt gives family like care for my families best interest and well being."
February 4, 2021 Kevin G.

Kevin G.

"I met and retained the services of Pit Martin in 1988. I have to say that he worked extremely hard to help me with my case, repeatedly going above and beyond in his efforts to reach a successful outcome. Fast forward to 2020, and Pit Martin has made himself available again, for consultation and advice, on a path to success and on who to work with in his original field. Everything has worked out just as Pit Martin indicated it could, and I cannot thank Pit Martin enough!"
November 15, 2020 Jeremy G.

Jeremy G.

"My experience with Pitt, Kelly, and Debbie was nothing but extraordinary from day one. They are always there when needed and very consistent with their quality of work. They made the process extremely easy and stress free. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a hard working, caring and professional group. I highly recommend Pitt and his team to anyone in need of the best representation available."