Medical Bill Lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO

Medical debt is a burden on millions of Americans each year. Much of the frustration, hopelessness and stress that accompanies it is due to delay or denial of medical bills by insurance companies and healthcare providers. If you find yourself hopelessly trying to navigate the convoluted process of disputing a claim, turn to The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC.

Pit Martin is a seasoned insurance dispute lawyer in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, Fountain, and Monument, CO, specializing in cases involving delay or denial of medical bills by insurers. We take charge to decomplicate the situation, present the facts and pursue the best outcomes for our clients, so they can get on with their lives without the crushing burden of medical debt hanging over them.

Decomplicating Medical Records

Processing your insurance claim can be complex and exhausting, and the insurance company requirements on your claim can be overwhelming. Pit and his experienced staff will obtain your medical records and bills so you don’t have to. Once we have them, you’ll get the full benefit of review by a medical bill lawyer who’s committed to decomplicating the situation on your behalf.

With your medical information in-hand—including records, service dates, invoices and costs, and claims information—we’ll address the claim with your insurer. Our savvy and aggressive advocacy for you often results in reevaluation of the claim. In many cases, we’re able to drastically improve the outcomes for our clients, to reduce or even eliminate their medical bills through insurer coverage.

Get the Representation You Deserve

If you or a loved one are injured through the fault of another—like a car crash or slip & fall injury—getting your medical bills paid is important for continuing medical treatment, and to prove your claim.

It’s in the best interest of insurance companies to pay as little as possible against your claim. Strong advocacy from a medical bill lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO is often required to force more complete coverage. We’re on your side, to represent your situation with fairness, accuracy and urgency.

Medical Bill Lawyer

Handle Delayed or Denied Medical Bills

The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC is ready to help you climb out from under unfair medical bills and overcome the unfair judgements of insurance companies. Contact us today at 719-578-5455 to discuss your case with an insurance dispute lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO who’s ready to fight for you. We are also personal injury, insurance bad faith, and car crash lawyers, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

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