Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO

Insurance is supposed to protect you from the unexpected and provide financial support in times of dire need, such as a medical emergency, auto accident or home damage. Most people pay premiums for years to protect themselves—but then, when tragedy strikes, their claim is delayed or denied by the insurance company. It feels like betrayal, because it is. The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC is here to help you in situations of insurance bad faith.

As an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, Fountain, and Monument, CO, Pit Martin will fight for your right to a fair value insurance claim. We ensure your contractual rights as a policyholder are upheld in the eyes of the law, and that you recover the award you’re owed in the event of insurance bad faith.

Insurance Claim Advocates

Insurance companies are big businesses with incentive to pay out the lowest possible claims value to customers. As a result, many policyholders receive far less than what they’re owed in the event of a covered incident. Our experience as insurance bad faith lawyers extends to all types of policies and coverages, including:

  • Business Insurance Claims
  • Car and Vehicle Insurance Claims
  • Disability Insurance Claims
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Homeowners’ Insurance Claims
  • Personal Property Claims
  • Umbrella Policy Claims

No matter the nature of the claim, the amount or the type of policy you hold, we’re standing by to advocate for your right to a fair and accurate payout.

We Fight For Your Settlement

At The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC, we know how important it is for Colorado Springs, CO residents to get the full value of their insurance claim. Whether it’s to cover medical bills, property damage, property replacement or restitution for lost wages, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer in your corner. Contact our personal injury, insurance dispute, and car crash lawyers today at 719-578-5455 to discuss your case.

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