Car Crash Lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO

Car accidents can happen in seconds, but the damage they leave behind is lasting. From injury, to financial hardship, to the ongoing trauma that follows them, car crashes are devastating, no matter how minor they may seem. If you’ve suffered an accident due to the negligence of another driver, the car crash lawyers at The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC will help you get the financial compensation you’re owed for the hardship you’ve endured.

With decades of trial experience and personal injury practice, we know how to argue your case in favor of the highest possible award. Accident sufferers in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, Fountain, and Monument, CO have peace of mind when we take their case, because we see the full scope of what you’re owed.
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Don’t Take the Insurance Payout!

Many accident victims face mounting bills, and the insurance check they get in the mail can seem like a relief. Before you accept payment from the insurance company, call our firm first. The payout you’ve been offered is likely well-short of what you deserve—and short of covering the expenses you’re likely to face over the long-term.

Our car crash lawyers fight for the fullest amount owed to you after a car crash, which can be magnitudes more than what the insurance company will offer. It’s in their best interest to settle quickly and for the lowest possible amount. It’s in our best interest to fight for every dollar you’re owed.

Establishing Your Case

Our experience with car accident cases puts litigation expertise on your side. We’re the authority in establishing context, proving fault and contextualizing the details of your accident to accurately portray you as the victim. More important, we work with expert witnesses and authorities to prove that the award you’re seeking is fully representative of your expenses, pain, suffering, trauma and other accrued expenses and hardship following the accident. We make sure you get what you’re owed.

Car Crash Lawyers

Need a Car Accident Attorney?

The Law Offices of J.C. Pit Martin, PC is committed to helping victims of car accidents get the fullest amount owed to them. Don’t settle for a meager insurance payout or let someone else’s negligence continue to rack up financial and emotional costs for you. We encourage Colorado Springs, CO drivers to call our car crash lawyers at 719-578-5455 following an accident, to explore your options for litigation. We offer a free consultation to better-understand the details of your case, so get in touch with our personal injury, insurance dispute, and insurance bad faith lawyers today.

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